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Certifications & Awards


Adhya Himalayan Waters have been formally assessed by International Certifications and found to comply with the requirements of HACCP Warranty, Food Safety Management System.

QUA World Star Certificate

Adhya Himalayan Waters (a unit of Varahi Group) has received the prestigious “WORLDSTAR 2011-2012” Awards for Packaging Excellence from the World Packaging Organization (WPO) for the design of QUA Natural Mineral Water bottle.

NSF Certificate

This natural mineral water source and bottling facility in district Solan adheres to the highest quality standards practiced anywhere in the world. Mahodar Beverages a Varahi Group Company has recently received the US NSF certificate for exceeding international water quality standards.

Certificate of Membership in International Bottler Category IWFB

International Bottled Water Association Members Certification

Certificate of Membership in International Bottler Category.