Helping Reducing Carbon Footprint

The best ideas are ideas that work for the future.

Chairman’s Message

Environmental benefits coupled with flexibility and innovation are fueling the demand for plastic packaging solutions in various industries. Plastic will continue to outperform all other materials in the packaging industry as it gives manufacturers more flexibility at a reduced cost to add value to their product. A greater emphasis on the environmental impact of packaging has led to various initiatives by the industry to reduce the ‘Carbon Footprint’ and help its ‘Environmentally Friendly’ credentials by complying with the obligations placed upon it. Thus, a trend towards lighter packaging has been observed throughout the plastic packaging industry.

At Varahi we help to reduce the ‘Carbon Footprint’ by combining latest technology with Value Engineering and Innovative Ideas to produce efficient products at very competitive prices at highly optimized value for our consumers. Levels of innovation within the market remain high, with many forms of plastic packaging becoming increasingly versatile, very sophisticated and lightweight. In a few years, plastics has become the fastest growing sector of the packaging industry due to technological developments, such as advances in material properties, its flexibility and its relatively low cost.

The result has led to the creation of new applications for a host of packaging innovations across a range of industries. Looking towards the future, innovative trends will affect the packaging industry and the emergence of products with strong environmental credentials is forecast to continue.”

Pramit Sanghavi

Chairman and Managing Director