About Us

A leading name in the Natural Mineral Water Industry

We, at Varahi Limited are pleased to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers and bottlers of India’s most premium Natural Mineral Water Brands ‐Qua, Ula, ICE, PVR Dive, Aeronar, Coffee Day Soul, LBF, Prakritik, Mizu, AQA, Agua and Vesi.

Our Natural Mineral Water has a sweet unique taste as they are bottled at the very source of water at the majestic Himalayan foothills in Dist. Solan, Himachal Pradesh.Mahodar Beverages exclusively produces all the above Brands. We maintain international quality standards and our facility has been audited by DANONE and NSF as per their standards. It has been formally assessed by International Certifications and found to comply with the requirements of NSF, HACCP, EQM, Kosher, ISO Warranty, BIS& Food Safety Management Systems.

The conformity of our plant is ensured by regular surveillance and inspections. Every drop of water goes through a multi‐step filtration process at the State‐of‐the‐Art plant using the latest technology. The fully automated filling, capping and sealing systems ensure that the natural and original mineral composition of the water is maintained in every single bottle. We believe in Purity at Source and providing natural mineral water which is aseptically bottled and remains untouched by human hand.

Mahodar Beverages is a part of the diverse Varahi Group. Varahi Limited is an ISO 22000‐2005 certified company with more 3 decades of existence. We specializes in the design and own several “WORLD PATENTS”. Our Designs have been registered in many Countries including USA and Canada. We have also been awarded INDIA STAR the ASIA STAR and the WORLD STAR 2010 ‐ 2012 in Packaging Excellence for Qua Natural Mineral Water Bottle. (Best Packaged Water in the World).

Nurtured and enriched by Nature

Mother Nature has bestowed one of nature’s most divine gifts from the springs of the Himalayas. The presence of nature’s minerals has been nurtured and enriched in every bottle of our Natural Mineral Water.The natural mineral water sourced from the pristine Himalayan foothills with its unique packaging brings you water that is 100% Pure for a good and healthy lifestyle. Natural Mineral Water hasits own unique taste as it is bottled at the very source of the natural water springs at the majestic Himalayan foothills in Solan Himachal Pradesh.

In today’s world of stress and pressures of urban life, it is important to stay healthy. Our Natural Mineral Water provides your body with the essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and iron.

Remember, the human body loses essential minerals during the course of the day through sweat. It is important to compensate the human body by drinking natural mineral water to lead a healthy lifestyle. Natural mineral water is naturally pure and has a composition of minerals that remain stable. The distinct mineral composition rejuvenates the body and ensures that the human body regularly receives its fresh dose of minerals. It also has surprising properties that benefit many parts of the body! It may help improve blood cholesterol levels while the calcium content maintains strong and healthy bones.Natural Mineral Water with its natural taste is the first choice of the finest hotels and fine dining places across the country. Make the right choice for your health.

The Difference is Clear ………. We taste Sweeter ….. Better than the BEST.