Chairman’s Message

Mr Pramit Sanghavi MD

Water is the source of life for all living beings. Potable water is available in almost all populated areas of the Earth although the supply may not always be sustainable. A human being requires nearly 1.5 L/ day to live a healthy, sedentary life; while active people require more.

Maintaining ‘Healthy Hydration’ means anticipating dehydration and consuming the minimum recommended level of water daily. This is why we must drink water which is pure. Currently, the most common way to provide clean and pure drinking water is to pass it through Reverse Osmosis Process.


This, however, result in three problems:

 (1)         Elimination of rich minerals, which are naturally present in water.

(2)          pH of the water Reduces to around 5.5 or lower in many cases making the water acidic.

(3)          Excessive discharge of rejected water which can amount to 70 to 80%, removal of beneficial nutrients from the water are required on a daily basis for our body.

Water which is healthy and pure replenishes what we lose throughout the day, keeping us active and feeling energized.

We at Varahi bring you water which is pure, wholesome and has all the goodness of nature, unaltered. Every drop of water that we produce goes through a multi-grade filtration process at the State-of-the-Art plant, using latest technology.

The fully automated filling, capping and sealing systems ensure that the natural and original mineral composition of the water is maintained in every single bottle. We believe in Purity at Source, bottling natural mineral water that is aseptically packed and remains untouched by human hands.

“The wise know that ‘A glass of pure water from nature is the Elixir of life for our body and stay the driving force of our soul’- “STAY HYDRATED.”

Pramit Sanghavi

Chairman and Managing Director